Sunday, January 11, 2009

When I Am Afraid...Bible Study for 9-12 year olds

Several times I tried to write a Bible study on fear. Either I would have a bad case of "writer's bloc" or what was on the computer screen was so bad that I had to delete it. Because He is sovereign and in control, God patiently waited and allowed me to go through a time of intense fear. I knew He was with me while I followed an ambulance with my husband inside as a patient (not as a paramedic). I literally felt Him holding my right hand as tears coursed down my cheeks and I cried out to Him. But, it wasn't until He had me write this Bible study that I saw how He used that time to teach me to trust Him.

This is a 14 day study.
When I Am Afraid...a 14 Day Bible Study for 9-12 Year Olds

When I Am Afraid...Bible Study for Teens


  1. Hi Heidi. I am so blessed that a friend introduced me to your studies. I began When I Am Afraid with my 9-yr-old daughter. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty printing the entire document. I've tried three times and at the most, printed 25 pages. Do you have any suggestions on how to print the rest? Thank you so much for sharing what God has given you!

  2. Eric~
    I'm so glad you are able to use this study and I'm sorry you couldn't print it all. I've been having some problems printing from too. If you go in and download the entire study in it's pdf format, you should then be able to print it from your computer. I'm sorry!!